Jane knew she would never tire of this:
their smiles,
their laughter,
their sweet kisses
and tummy tickle attacks,
their happiness-
it was all so contagious.

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MauzyDay ~ In One Word:  “PERFECT”

S4 E1:


I never get tired of seeing colorful St. John’s in the opening scenes…the houses and buildings…the vivid colors just make me feel cheerful!!!  And the beautiful views of the harbour…

Loved the new opening photos, especially of Leslie.  Can’t wait to see her in that “negligee”….her hair is beautiful, as is she…unfortunately, I bet it is somehow linked to the drug dealer scenario….hope Jake gets to see her…it does look like him in the photo.

Some memorable moments:

Jake, admiring the new constable…. looking but very carefully keeping hands off!

Tinny, at target practice….the face of determination…and then that smile of satisfaction.  Wonder how this will play out?  And the file for Crocker (Paul Gross)…her dad….should prove interesting.

Great Big She! strip club…heh…(Great Big Sea….I suppose if I were at the Duke having a few pints I might mispronounce Sea, too!)

Jake’s cousin Rory who keeps saying Jake’s name while they’re robbing the card game at gunpoint…doh!

Des falling off his crutches not just once, not twice, but three times!!!!! while they’re all supposed to be quiet as Cara is making her phone call on speakerphone to arrange “purchase” of the statue.

Leslie calling Jake from the bar…it’s interesting to see her in her undercover street clothes …

Favorite Quotes:

Jake (questioning Hood about Leslie’s whereabouts):  

“If your head was a globe, just point to the part of the world that you think Leslie’s to…”

Strip club owner re: Jake’s excuse that he came back to pay Cara:

“A conscientious perv…it’s good to see that chivalry isn’t dead!”

Rose: (after she tells Malachy they can’t involve the police because Gerald is currently breaking parole in Ireland): 

“Who’d like a cup of tea…with whiskey..and ice…and…no tea…”

And the PERFECT ending:


“This is a gift from me to you…’cuz even though you kind of got me shot…you’re my best friend…in the entire world..and I kind of think of you as a brother…and brothers do nice things for each other…so…”

(Jakes pulls the cover off the GTO)…


“I don’t know what to say…(shakes Des’ hand)….perfect…(and reaches for Des’ face) …PERFECT!!!!!”


MauzyDay ~ In One Word:  ”JAM-PACKED”

S4 E2:


What a jam-packed episode…this really sets up so many angles…Jake and Leslie, of course…Des seemingly on a collision course for getting really hurt again…Tinny and Crocker….and the whole Taylor Gossad scene….not only possibly jeopardizing Leslie’s life, but Tinny’s, too….not to mention Jake as I’m sure he’ll be involved….I think this is going to be a very powerful story arc.

Some memorable moments:

Des…what the heck?  He’s getting hit with a pick axe, punched, crashes into trash cans, and ultimately lunging over on top of Vince to keep him from going after Dr. Wedgewood and ends up with the scalpel in his stomach….whoa…

And no matter how many times I watch, I still do a spit-take with Des’ “Jake-Jake-Jake-Jake-Jake” during the hospital scene.  

And just when I thought maybe all the physical blows were going to be transferred Des’s way…oof, Jake gets boffed by the bat….I did not see that coming!

I loved when Rose hugged Des, saying “Thank God you’re safe!” … and Des responding “Yes b’y, I’m best kind!”  You could tell it took him aback…it will be nice when he can accept a hug wholeheartedly.

It’s so interesting to see Leslie in her street clothes (short-shorts) at the methadone clinic, and then later when Jake finds her at the bar….I love when Leslie grabs his jacket and goes in for some fierce kisses…MMMROWRRRRR…Leslie, you go girl!!!!!  And Jake looks absolutely gobsmacked when she’s done….heh!

Then we  have Tinny and Crocker…I’m absolutely amazed at Paul Gross playing Kevin Crocker….after seeing him in Due South as Benton Fraser, he seems diabolical as Crocker.

But most powerful was Allan’s acting in the “electricity lesson” between Jake and Gossad…incredible.  And can you say “BUFF!”…Wow, Jake in his ripped “v-neck” tank undershirt…..yummmmmmmm.

And the end scene with Taylor Gossad when Jake pulls out the switchblade …WOW!

And lastly, there were some beautiful night shots of St. John’s.

Favorite Quotes:

Des, after Jakes points out the green “chalk” on the clothing of the women at the methadone clinic:

Chalk…they sniff chalk?…that’s gross…or awesome.

Jake to Hood after Hood tells him “The real police are working here…”

Where they to? …Ohh..you’re talking about all these other people walking around.

Leslie to Jake after he says “You’re undercover?”

Why don’t you broadcast it on Paddy Daly?  … Shut up!

Hood to Tinny:

You have a chance to do something here….don’t go Doyle-ing it up!”

Tinny, after watching Crocker come into the room at the penitentiary:

Something tells me you’re not the “Let’s talk about our day” kind of father.


MauzyDay ~ In One Word:  DES!!!

S4 E3: 


Des is really, really SHINING!  Right off the bat, we have him panicking with his clothing on fire (well, yeah b’y, of course he’s panicking!) and the whole stop-drop-and-run-or- is-it-roll scene….I wish I could capture his voice, it was too funny.   I loved watching Des really trying to get into the private investigator role, complimenting and mimicking Jake, and Malachy.

Some memorable moments:

Great scene with Jake and Des with a frying pan hiding under the table … and then Janel sprays them with bear spray and Des hits Jake with the frying pan … and Des covering  up the fact that he was the one that knocked Jake out.  The frying pan gets a lot of mileage in this episode.

Loved the interrogation scene with Janel…Des mimicking Jake’s stance when he is questioning Janel, and then later mimicking Malachy with his arms crossed.

The ominous scene between Gossad and Leslie with him talking about Leslie paying for the drugs in some way other than money and Leslie retorting that she wouldn’t get naked for him, and Gossad threatening her she’ll get naked when he tells her to.

Then the scene with Hood warning Leslie — “They think you’re in too deep….Watch yourself, Bennett.”

Great scene between Tinny and Crocker and then later Kathleen finding out about Tinny seeing Crocker and telling her to be careful, “because he’s charming and he’s brilliant, but also, take everything that he says with a grain of salt.”  Hmmm.

And last, but not least, Jake and Leslie:  ”Leslie, please tell me that you’re OK…”

“I’m fine.  I am.  The only problem is I like it, this job, I’m kickin’ ass and I don’t want to stop.”  

Leslie, Leslie, Leslie….be careful girl!

And the ending kiss:   

Favorite Quotes:

Des to Jake, panicking as his clothing is burning, Jake telling him to stop running:

“No, no, no…I’ve got to stop, drop and run….or is it roll…should I run, should I run?…OR SHOULD I ROLLLLLLLLLL!!!! (I wish I could capture the sheer desperation/exasperation in his voice when he says “rollllllll”).

Des to Tinny after she tells him Crocker is her biological father:

Holy Crapsticks!

Tinny to Des about Crocker: 

I just want to look him in the eye, you know…see what’s behind the terrible man we know about. 

Gossad and Leslie:

Gossad:  ”Unless you can think of a better way to pay me…”

Leslie: “I’m not gettin’ naked for ya dealer.”  

Gossad:  ”You’ll get naked when I tells ya to.”

Jake and Des breaking into Janel’s house:

Jake: “Des, just try to be quiet…”

Des: “See, you’re always teachin’….I think you’d be a wonderful dad.” 

Jake: “What? What are you talkin’ about …”

Des falls through window and onto floor:  

Des: “Oh, my knee…(Jake hits him in the arm)….Oh, my arm!”

Jake: “Hello…”

Des: “Hello..”(Jake punches him in the arm again!)

After Janel bear sprays Jake and Des:

Des:  ”Jake, Jake, I think I got them” … (after hitting Jake with frying pan) ….”Jake”…(reaches over blindly and realizes Jake isn’t there because he  knocked him out) …”Oh, crappo.”

Jake (pointing over to Des as he tries to reposition the U.S. Marshall on the couch and checks out his burned shirt): 

Jake:  ”Does he look like an assassin’s apprentice to you?”

Janel:  ”Good point.”

Tinny and Crocker at the jail interview:

Tinny:  ”Are you going to play nice?” 

Crocker: “Are you going to drop that snotty tone?”

Tinny: “If I leave, we both know that the best conversation you’re going to have today is with your homicidal bunkmate.”

Leslie to Hood:

“I’ll see ya later pig!”

Jake and Malachy interrogating a groggy Des after he’s been knocked out:

Jake: “You’ve got to try to remember what happened.”

Des:  ”Yes.  I knows, I knows, but I can’t remember what I knows, you know.”

Malachy: “What list, what are we talking about?” 

Des: “Oh, list.  List, list, yes list, I knows about a list, too”….(gets up and faints to floor)


MauzyDay ~ In One Word:  Thought-provoking!

S4 E4:


Some memorable moments:

Jake keeping the new constable’s attention diverted while Malachy was searching through the file and taking pictures.

Tinny and Crocker …Crocker’s change in expression after Tinny asks him to tell her about the “prostitute you killed”… and Crocker’s response:  “I will say this…don’t be so sure that I killed anybody.”

Tinny arresting the guy in the Porsche and using the “rock of persuasion”.

Jake’s conversation with Leslie at her “apartment”…and the…KISS! 

Crocker and Walter’s encounter at the penitentiary with Crocker asking his help in trying to figure out why Tinny is visiting him.

The scene at the bar when Gossad walks in and the waitress warns Leslie to be careful about Gossad…”He’s a rough one.”

Leslie looking at herself in the mirror as if she was thinking “what am I doing to myself?”

Gossad telling Leslie he called and texted her a bunch of times, asking her where she was.. and she  tells him she was shopping…Gossad asking Leslie, “You going to show it to me”…Leslie:  ”Maybe, if you’re lucky.”  Gossad:  ”Come on, let’s me and you get out of here and go some place quiet.”  Uh oh, Leslie…

And the ending scene when Tinny reveals to Crocker that he is her father and the look on Crocker’s face.

Favorite Quotes:

Tinny to Crocker:

Hey, don’t get your jumpsuit in a knot.

Jake to Malachy searching the hotel room for the little girl:

Crayons…Think Des has been hanging out here?

Jake to Leslie at her “apartment”:

Listen, I just wanted to say that the last time I was here I really enjoyed the time we had together you know..being together, together…


Yeah, me too.


… and I’d love to be there again..not now obviously because I got to find the 8-year-old girl, but any other time you could possibly think of….I’m here …

Des after the Constable asks Des/Tinny to explain the briefcase tale:

I lied..I told her we were going to go …. rare bird watching… which she is totally into…Tinny loves… birds?

Malachy and Jake at the Duke:

You know Jacob, I never tell ya…at least not enough…that you’re a ,. a good investigator….


One glass of whiskey and already the tears are coming.


I haven’t had a drop.  I’m serious.  You saved a little girl today you did good and I’m not ashamed to tell you.  Good work!


You, too!


MauzyDay ~ In One Word:  PARTNERS

S4 E5:  


The message is there for Jake…Leslie and fatherhood.  It’s been subtly brought up throughout the season so far, such as when Des told him he’d be a wonderful father in E3, and definitely not subtly with this episode.  Then there were Rose’s wise words to Jake…and Malachy’s response to Kavanagh to leave his family alone…”and that includes Leslie Bennett, too!”

Leslie really stole the show this episode with her toughness and savvy ways, having to really think quickly on her feet to keep Gossad from killing Charlie and figuring out what she was up to, and avoiding having to kill Charlie herself.  And the look of admiration (and, of course, more than just that) after Leslie and Jake had collared Kavanagh and Gossad.  It was so wonderful to see her back in her “real” clothes at the precinct…she is so beautiful, her hair, her smile, just everything….how could Jake resist!  But the “heart” of the episode is in the closing scene between Leslie and Jake.  

L: I just wanted to come by and say thank you…
J: Thank me for what…
L:  This undercover thing was heavy, dangerous and very tricky…the wrong people would have doubted me … what I was doing… but you never did…you supported me like a true friend and a partner.
J: Well, I will say that I was pretty worried…I was sick actually…but no matter what anyone else said, I knew you were going to be OK, I knew I would see you again….
L: What did you think would happen when we saw each other….
(MMMMMMMM…lovely kiss!!!!)
J:  Welcome home.   (Cue table…and yes, b’y, off with those boots!!!!!)

Memorable Moments:

Hood tearing up when he’s asking Jake to help find Leslie.

Des with his pink dishwashing gloves and practicing Spanish.

I had a hard time keeping track of the conversation between the biker dude, Charlie Archer, and Gossad because I knew the biker dude from an American TV show and was trying to figure out who he was. :)  (Max Martini, The Unit!)

Loved Des on his “spy” detail…and in the “I learn something new every day” vein…Des’ comment “I was on Skipper & Co.”…which according to IMDB is “a traditional Newfoundland show that showcases their (kids’) talent alongside professional musicians and storytellers.”

Des sniffing the chloroform!

Jake - short-sleeved shirt alert! Love those muscles. 

Leslie convincing Gossad to leave Jake alone…and “get the job done,” leave the middle man alone, go for the “big boss”…and then trying to keep Charlie from figuring out who she is really is, then convincing Gossad not to have her kill Charlie.  (And the continuing wonders of duct tape!)  

And pail torture…with a little bar spray and a beer bottle thrown in for sound effects!  Who knew?…That whole scene was hilarious!

The ambitious new constable….it’ll be interesting to see the interaction between her and Leslie in the future…or will she be leaving?

And another trunk scene.

Favorite Quotes:

M: I’m just saying….it’s time for you to start thinking about having a family.

J:…For one thing I need a mother for the unborn children I have.

M: Don’t be foolish, Leslie would be a fantastic mother.  The way she puts up with you, it’s obvious she’d be great with children.

W: Leslie’s hot man.  You gotta knock her up, and that way she’ll have to commit to ya even though everybody knows she’s out of your league. 

Jake and Des searching room, Jake throwing items around:

D: Well, you’re not using any of the techniques you taught me in how to search a room.

Des trying the clear out the bar so Leslie can drop off Charlie:

Due to a terrible case of….earwigs…the bar is closed until further notice.

Kathleen/Tinny discussing Crocker:

K: You need to keep your distance, you don’t know him.

T:  That’s the point..I’m getting to know my father and it kind of feels right.

Malachy to Al Kavanagh back at the precinct:

Stay away from my family…and that includes Leslie Bennett.

Malachy to Jake:

M: And I got a feeling there will be no Duke for you tonight…

J: Please don’t give me another pep talk on how to make babies.

Rose to Jake:

It’s really nice to see how worried you were about Leslie….You care about something that much…it’s pretty revealing… Nothing wrong with being in love with somebody that great!



MauzyDay ~ They call it…undershirt and short-sleeved shirt love…


Just adding another “shirt” to love!!!!!